Preferably Vegan is space dedicated to the vitality of a plant-based diet. Here you will find tips on how to prepare plant-based meals and treats, which are meat, dairy, soy, and gluten free plus low in added sugar and oils.

Update: I have been intending for sometime to make a video and/or blog post about how I came to a plant based diet. I started this blog as an entrance into my personal health journey. As a graduate student I balance the stress of my daily life with the richness of whole and living foods.Ā I have been on this journey for about one year now and it has been truly life altering and enlightening. I’ll speak about it more at a later date but for now I will say that health issues and being out of tune with my bodies needs led me to discovering plant based living. I personally believe that once you are introduced to the realities of food, where things comes from and how different foods makes you feel, it is hard not to see the correlation between your health and vitality and what you eat. Having access to those food however is another story. I have the privilege to have access financially and geographically to an abundance of plant foods and superfoods. As such, it is important for me to be honest that I am well aware that food comes with politics. Oftentimes it is not simply about choice, preference is imbued with privilege.


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  1. Hey there! I’ve been following a plant-based diet for almost a year now and it’s changed my life. I like what you say here about the access and availability of plant-based foods. Like you, I’m fortunate to be able to eat this way and I need to remember not to take this for granted. I’m glad I discovered your blog, now I’m going to poke around your recipes!

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you found my blog. Plant based eating has really changed my life too. The journey inspired me to share my recipes in hopes of developing a little plant based community online. I’d love to hear feedback if you ever try any of my recipes. Take care šŸ™‚

  2. Just found your blog! I’m always looking for more plant-based blogs to follow. I’ve been on-and-off plant based for about a year now. Fully vegetarian since January. I’m just struggling to get rid of the dairy and eggs when I eat out (but never ever buy them for the house) now. I have noticed a huge difference in my health and I can’t imagine ever going back to the way I used to eat!

    • I’m glad you found my blog šŸ™‚ Yours looks awesome as well. My life has changed completely since converting to a plant based diet. I think at first it is always hard to give up certain foods but after awhile of not having them you lose the cravings all together. I actually started developing an aversion to things like eggs which I guess made it easier for me not to eat them. Anywho cheers to you on your journey and thanks for your comments.

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